About us

For 113 years, the Brethren of New Zealand have been able to read The Treasury — surely one of the longest-standing magazines in the country — every month, and be stimulated by its offerings.  Over those years, it has been a focus of Biblical and Christian thinking on a range of issues, always with the same aim. That aim is to be useful in the lives of its readers.

The aim has remained unchanged, but the style hasn’t.  Through different editors, changing eras, varying challenges and opportunities and fashions, The Treasury has adjusted its style to meet its moment. Now, in 2011, it changes again.

March, 2011 was the last of the published-on-paper issues of The Treasury. As from April, aspects of the magazine will now be available on the net. If you are reading this, you have found your way to the site. What you can expect on that site is something old and something new.

The editor’s page will still be here. Look in the category “The Leading Edge” and find a new editorial every month, just as before; only now, you can browse back through some previous months as well. KidZone is still here, in the category bearing the same name, and Verse of the Month is too. Both these features will also offer a new monthly item alongside selections from the past. And in the categories marked “Reflections”, “Christian Living”, “Church Issues” and “Bible Focus” there will be new and old articles on various aspects of the Christian life, both individual and corporate, and all calculated to provide useful stimulus to the lives of its readers.

Is this The Treasury of old? Not quite. It’s aspects of it — hence the title. Is it a completely new thing? No, it isn’t — aspects of the old magazine. But it has a new range of possibilities, and it will link to a whole smorgasbord of other places, and we think it will take people where they may have never been before. Roll on the next 113 years.