• Book Review – Caring for Creation

    Caring for Creation
    by Dick Tripp
    Published by Avery Bartlett Books

    Dick Tripp, a retired Anglican clergyman who has written a series of booklets on aspects of the Christian faith, now produces a comprehensive expression of the biblical mandate for caring for God’s creation. In doing so, says Archbishop David Moxon, “he provides Christians with a detailed biblical approach to the growing crisis in our environment, its causes, the role of the Christian church and the challenge that lies before us all.” In truth, the writer has not said all that could be said, but in 150 pages he challenges all of us to think biblically and responsibly about the world we live in as a tribute to its maker. Both the church and the individual are addressed, and are encouraged to neither ignore the problems nor to panic over them. If Jesus is really in the process of redeeming his world, then his people are surely called to assist.

    The book retails at $24.99 plus postage and packing, and may be tracked down through Avery Bartlett books: www.averybartlett.co.nz

    Dick Tripp’s other writings may be seen at www.christianity.co.nz

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