• HM Rage – 2012

    An update on HM Rage 2012 – from Steve & Cheryl Hamilton on behalf of the HM Rage board

    Hi Friends, Supporters, Sponsors, Crew, Church Leaders and Prayer Partners,

    Thank you for joining in prayer support for HM Rage over the years and for this latest weekend in particular.  The HM Rage board and crew have been mightily encouraged by messages of support, practical assistance and generous financial sponsorship that all contribute so critically to God’s work at this youth event.

    This year God has done abundantly more than we could have ever asked, ever dreamed-of or imagined.

    Yesterday, as we reached the end of a full-camp at Totara Springs with the 400+ youth spilling out of the cabins, motels and bunk-rooms.  Today we can look back on some truly amazing highlights and are humbled and thankful;

    • Over 120 youth responded (came forward and/or were counselled) as God’s Holy Spirit spoke into their lives.
    • God used Anthony and Shannon Samuel’s (Tamaki Community Church, Auckland) to speak words of challenge to the youth.  They called for God’s Spirit to bring about conviction – & for youth to get right with God and to live-out a life marked by faith & deeds (explained by Anthony as “God’s power-combo” – yeah!).
    • Please rejoice with us (and the angels) for the 30 first-time commitments to follow Jesus and the many more who were counselled as they expressed a desire to follow Jesus with passion.
    • On Saturday evening the Holy Spirit led an audience response that meant we had to spill over into two additional venues for enough counselling space!
    • Many of the youth stayed behind and spent extra time discussing the challenging topics covered during the break-out sessions (fantastic bunch of speakers/facilitators)
    • Jono Bay (Event Director) planned and implemented a fantastic programme of amazing worship, keynote sessions, sport, talent-quest and much more.


    This year marks our twenty-fifth year of HM Rage camps – and this year, God’s Spirit has blessed amazingly with triple the ‘usual’ number responding to the call of Jesus.

    In 2012, we were been blessed with a great team of helpers, speakers, worship team (Mt Mosaic – a talented & truly fantastic team) and camp-crew who have all worked alongside youth–community leaders to minister throughout the weekend.  Richard Davis and his staff at Totara Springs pulled out all the stops to serve God and the youth throughout the weekend.  A number of crew took annual leave from their work to help setup for the weekend, while others donated goods, services and finances – and we are so grateful for all who fellowship with us in this.  God has so abundantly blessed your generosity and unity of purpose!


    God brought about a real-life youth-revival at Totara Springs camp this last weekend and while God has blessed HM Rage mightily in the past, this year he choose to demonstrate His grace and love in a far more powerful way than many of us have ever witnessed before.  Join with us in thanking God for His generosity to us.

    Please continue to pray for those youth who responded to God this weekend.  As they head back to the daily-routine of school, university and work, please pray that they will learn to walk with their God and he will be their very near, real & present Lord & Saviour


    HM RAGE are running a competition on Facebook for the seven days until 12th June 2012.

    The winner will be drawn from all those people who visit and ‘Like’ the HM Rage Facebook page.

    The winner will receive an HM Rage 2012 (wall mounted) Trophy and a goodie-bag (chocolates, sweets and more!!)

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