• Book Review – Into the Great Unknown

    Into the Great Unknown
    by Maurice Harvey
    Published by iUniverse, Inc

    Maurice Harvey spent many years as a photo-journalist with the United Bible Societies, in a role that took him all over the world. Adding to his two earlier books, Shooting the Globe (2002) and Reading the Funny Bible, (2004), both published by Castle Books, he now brings us Into the Unknown.

    The book begins in Africa in 1960, headed for the new nation of Congo, only recently Belgian Congo and ravaged by war and unrest. Over the next 30 years, Maurice travelled through various African nations, Central and Eastern Europe, Indonesia and North Korea, and here he tells us about it. With an eye for the dramatic and the quirky, and a heart for the God he consistently served through the United Bible Societies and his work as an internationally-recognised photographer, he gives us glimpses of God at work in places we might rarely suspect him to be, except in theory.

    Basically, the title gives the introduction. The book tells the story. The man adds the colour. And God gives all of it meaning.

    Into the Unknown, books are available from iUniverse.com (physical copies) or from kobo.com (ebook). The book is also available from local booksellers or your preferred online retailer.

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