• Prayer Partner “the app!”

    One of the great things about prayer is that God answers! I know this because in the times when I discipline myself to note prayer requests in my prayer diary, I can see over time pages and pages of God’s faithfulness!
    Which leads to another issue – often I find myself committing to pray for something or someone and then at a later date I struggle to remember what I am praying for. I am sure that God understands and he honors prayer from my limited memory, but I then miss out because I don’t get to see God’s provision in answered prayer.

    Enter “Prayer Partner”, an iphone app. This great little tool enables you to note down prayer points, categorize them, specify the number of times a week you want to pray for that item and then to record the answer!! Awesome!

    What’s great is that now, I don’t need to carry my prayer diary around (not that I ever did!) and I don’t need to rely on my memory. Now when I am talking with someone or something comes to mind I simply add it to my phone prayer list and I’ve got it!!!

    Prayer Partner has been a great tool to keep me praying for people and situations. I find that moments that used to be spent thinking about nothing much are now useful. I’ll open up a list and can pray over situations and people. I find it continues to enlarge my heart for God’s mission and people.

    But wait, there is more. After praying for someone you can use the contact button to send a text or email to encourage them or share and verse that the Lord has laid on your heart regarding the situation you are praying about.

    I don’t know about you, but I think the more we can encourage each other and pray for each other the better.

    Nick Field


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