• Book Review – Silent Tears

    Silent Tears
    by Taikaawa Savage
    Published by DayStar Books

    DayStar’s newest publication, to be launched on June 17, is Silent Tears: One Woman’s Journey from Hell. The writer is a personal assistant to a retired Auckland businessman and a member of Life South Church. Her book is the dramatic account of her courageous struggle against demon possession and evil. She tells her own story of experiences with abuse, and in her appendix, “Are demons real?” she says that although some people scoff at the idea of demons, in her case there was not one but several. Her story is the glorious, age-old but always new narrative of the freeing agency of the Holy Spirit of God, who led her by faith in Jesus away from sexual abuse, alcohol, gambling and demons into his glorious light.

    The book sells for $22.95 plus $5.00 postage and packaging, and may be ordered from DayStar Books, PO Box 65275, Mairangi Bay, Auckland 0754. The DayStar website is www.daystarbooks.org

    Note: book image used is for illustrative purpose only. Dimensions and materials may vary from actual product.

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