• To Make up His Kingdom

    If Christ were born today
    in a world that’s torn by strife
    he wouldn’t come in power
    to lead a rich man’s life.
    He’d be born in a kraal,
    a tent, or a shed,
    and his parents would be workers
    who struggled for their bread.


    He wouldn’t lead an army
    where life was hard and bleak,
    and he’d give all that he had
    to save the poor and weak.
    He’d be hated and rejected
    by those who longed for power,
    and his message would be rubbished
    by the ruthless and the sour.


    Christ wouldn’t think it wrong
    to accept his daily bread
    from a hand-out at the mission
    where all the poor were fed.
    He’d visit those in prison
    the lonely and the lost
    bringing hope to every family
    and never count the cost.


    He’d treat us all as equals
    from prostitutes to kings
    and teach us how to walk in love
    instead of loving things.
    So this Christmas let’s remember
    what Christ came to proclaim
    and think about His message
    as we Bless His Holy Name.


    Maureen Sudlow

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