• Irreducible Minimum

    This month was always going to include a deal of looking back. Although we might wonder why a tenth anniversary causes us to reflect more than a ninth anniversary does, or an eleventh, the fact is that it just does. So we reflected on September 11, in various ways.

    For me, the most notable reflection came from a member of my church on the Sunday morning. “On September 11,” he said, “I watched what happened in the USA and I asked ‘Is God really in charge here?’ And as a result of that morning, the foundations of the faith as I had known it came tumbling down with the World Trade Center.” He went on to describe a youthful experience of faith remarkably similar to my own, one in which a premise followed a given and led to an outcome, and all that Christians believed and stood for became a package to cover the whole of life and living, in this world and the next. And the attack on the World Trade Center did not fit the package, and with the removal of a plank there came another, until the whole 110-storey edifice crumbled.

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