• KidsGames – Sports and the Bible

    Sport is one of the most popular activities on earth. Nothing draws the world together like major sports events such as the Olympic Games. Kids love sports and also respect their sporting heroes. KidsGames can give local sports people the opportunity to share their talents and faith with children in a way that has a lasting impact.

    The sports and games in KidsGames provide a great way of forming strong relationships with children. It also provides a natural setting in which to introduce children to Jesus through the Bible. This is done by leaders sitting beside the children as they share and discuss stories from the Bible. Many KidsGames Bible curriculums have been developed and all utilise the experiential learning model that then makes strong connections to both the Bible and to life lessons. Children with other gifts and abilities, such as music, art and drama, can be part of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies or used in other electives ideas that children can work on to present at the Closing Ceremony.

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