• Lets talk about sex

    By Graham Ashby

    I don’t normally speak, let alone write about the subject of Sex. It’s one of those hard issues that always seems to raise eyebrows with people thinking, ‘What’s his problem?’ This article developed from a series of messages that my wife and I prepared when we were asked to address the subjects of Relationships and Sex. At first we were reluctant, to say the least, but as we began to study and read about these issues our hearts grew heavier and heavier. Sex and the immorality that accompanies it was far worse than we had thought. But there was a positive. We discovered, as we learnt about where our youth are at, that the subject of sex isn’t as taboo as it was in our generation. Today young people are willing to talk about it and admit that they need to know what God has to say about relationships and sex. What buoyed our hearts the most was that in this crazy, murky world of illicit sensualities young people are hungry for truth, decency and hope.

    Our culture is obsessed with sex. Pornography is everywhere, declining morals, increased divorce, gay and sex parades and an epidemic of forbidden passions and impure behaviour. Our hedonistic ways continue on unchecked and lead to wrecked lives. Society appears to be intoxicated with erotic attitudes and it’s beginning to take its toll on churches.

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