• Van Appears in Driveway?!!!

    The following correspondence was received from Mike and Janet Fleming, who serve at Totara North Bible Chapel, and have an awesome story of how God provided not just one but TWO vans for them to use as they serve the youth at their church.

    “Both the vans we run were donated. Originally we had a van for family transport which was also used for youth ministries.  This Nissan Homy van became uneconomical to repair.  We hadn’t contemplated what we would do to replace this vehicle when a visiting friend casually asked, “What sort of van do you think you would need?”  Mike’s answer was probably vague, like, “Hadn’t thought about it.”  Nothing more was said until a substantial amount of money was received, saying there is more to follow, which did follow to the extent of $12,500.  We were then able to purchase a ten seater van which was immediately put to use in transporting youth to and from programmes and camps. ‘Before they call, I will answer’.

    With regards to the second van, I had gone to a netball practice and Mike was feeding the dogs when he saw a vehicle pull up opposite our driveway.  A van also drove partway up our hill, then stopped.  Mike thought my practice must have been cancelled until someone climbed out of the van and started to run downhill towards the car.  The person then jumped into the car which immediately drove off.  Mike then decided the van must be stolen and planted on our driveway, so he set out to investigate.  He found a van sign-written with our names, the keys in the ignition and a note on the dashboard stating that the van was for use in the youth work, but the giver wished to remain anonymous.  Registration papers accompanied the vehicle.  This vehicle is an 11 seater with good rear luggage space, thus making it handy when transporting food and luggage.  It has proved to be expensive running two vans, but in the goodness of the Lord our needs have been met.

    The vans are used to take children to Sunday School on Sunday at Totara North Bible Chapel and the monthly Sunday evening church tea.  Each Monday there is a Sunday School programme at our home after school from which the children are transported home.  On Wednesday evenings during term, Mike collects children for a teen Bible Study and tea at our home.  Others also transport to and from this function.  Every second Friday during term we hold a Rally programme.  Both vans are used to transport children to and from Rally.  Many parents also drop children off.  On the same weekend we run a youth programme for Year 7 and above for which the vans are both used.”

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