• Book Review – Pastoring the Pastor

    Pastoring the Pastor
    by Tim Cooper

    Pastoring the Pastor, by Tim Cooper and Kelvin Gardiner, is the story of a new church pastor whose high hopes and shimmering illusions are rendered ragged from about Day 1 in his new church.  Beset by reality, frailty and sheer malice; dogged by unreal expectations and a certain lack of general realism or personal tact, Daniel Donford nearly comes to grief. But he has an Uncle Eldon, who is an experienced and wise old pastor, and Dan thinks to email him with a few questions. The answers are helpful, and over the next few years, Dan and Eldon swap emails which, presented to us in book form, are informative and encouraging to us all.  Tim Cooper is a former pastor of LifeSwitch church, in the Hutt Valley, and Kelvin Gardiner has pastured churches in Rutland St Church, Christchurch, in the Philippines and in Seattle, USA. Their created Rev Donford is undoubtedly a ménage of personal experience from at least three countries, and he — and his challenges — are recognisable to everyone.

    Pastoring the Pastor retails for $24.99, and is available at the Manna Christian Books chain and at other reputable Christian books outlets.

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