• Book Review: Windows on Widowhood

    Jocelyn Murray’s life was radically changed when she was widowed in 1987. She was the mother of three children and the leader of women’s Bible study groups, and she also graduated with a Diploma in Christian Studies (Hons) from the Bible College of New Zealand. In 1995 she published a book on her experiences of life as an adjusting widow and a child of God, Windows on Widowhood.

    The book was well received in England and Australia, as well as in New Zealand, and was also translated into Danish and published in Denmark in 1998. It covers, from the point of view of a new and deeply shocked widow, such aspects of the situation as Why me?; Why do the righteous suffer?; It is right to grieve; God cares; Facing the future; When is a widow ready for remarriage? and Choosing to walk by faith.

    Jocelyn Murray remarried a short time after her book was originally published. Now Jocelyn Murray-Currie, she has reprinted her book in 2011, and it is now available in a new edition. Along with her other title, What’s in Your Suitcase for Heaven?, the book is available in local Christian bookstores or directly from the author at  j-l.currie@xtra.co.nz Both books retail at $22-99, and both include study group questions, which have been very well received.

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